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How to improve the energy efficiency of the household appliances?

In our modern homes, we have all sorts of household appliances that use electricity to run. These machines help to make our life easier in many areas and some of them are also used for getting fun and entertainment. Since all of them run on electricity, we must use them properly so that power consumption is less and our energy bill also becomes lesser. Most of the electricity is generated by burning fossil fuel and hence it is our responsibility to see that the energy resource of our mother Earth is not wasted.

Just switch of all the appliances when they are not in use. Though many home appliances have a standby mode, but that mode itself also draws some power. If you are away from the property for a longer period of time, you ensure to switch of all the appliances before leaving home.

When you are using the washing machine, ensure to run the machine when it is in full load. The machine consumes the same amount of energy and water even when you are running it in half load. Some modern washing machines have a quick wash option or run in economic mode. When you have lesser clothes to wash, use this option as these modes also consume less water for washing.

If you wash your clothes in cold water, carbon footprint of the washing machine will be reduced by as much 80%. Thus it is beneficial in many senses of the term.

Always be careful about the use of clothes dryer as it consumes huge amount of electricity. It is preferred to dry your clothes in the outside sunny weather as it is free. Other ways are usage of the spin cycle of the washing machine at the end of the wash process.

As far as running of the air-conditioner is concerned, it is always preferred to put on the AC when the inside of the house has not yet warmed up so much. If you put on the AC when the heat inside the home is too hot, the AC has to operate strongly to reduce the temperature to the desired normal level. When you are using a number of entertainment appliances at the same time, try to use a power saver connection board. Do not put on these appliances when they are not in use. On the proper usage of lights, always try to use small lamps than the bigger power lights.

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