Know the soil type in your garden before watering them

In a perfect situation, Mother Nature is supposed to give a little bit of rainfall every week for the plants and vegetables to survive. But in a realistic situation, that is not supposed to happen as nature never gives rainfall at such regular intervals. So it is for us to see that the plants get the right quantity of water which they deserve for their survival.

We always take the help of rain gauge to keep a track of the quantity of rainfall in a certain amount of time. Here we must also see that the type of soil is being used as different soil has different capacity of holding water. For example, clay based soil can hold much water as small particles of clay can have much amount of surface area for the ground to grab. Sandy soil has got very big particles and water is allowed to pass through them very quickly. On the other hand, a fine loamy soil can retain some moisture, but it can also drain well.

If you add some compost to the soil, it will help to improve its ability to supply to the plants the right quantity of water. Sandy soil seems like a basket full of golf balls – once the hose is put on, water will run through. Adding the compost is equal to adding sponges as water will go through it and some will be stored within the sponges. Compost also plays an important role in improving the clay soil by creating an air passage and allowing better drainage in the process.

The easiest and most natural way to see the moisture of the soil is by measuring with your own hands. Just stick your finger way down into deep into the soil. If you feel the soil to be slightly damp, then you are confident that there is water in the soil and the plants are safe to have water for survival. There are many advantages if the plantation is done on a raised bed. Soil surface is shaded by the plants and they glue together, protecting each other from the flow of the wind. A water timer is the perfect device to spray the water on the plants when you are out for a vacation for several months or has gone out for a holiday. Always see that the soil never becomes dry completely, otherwise the plants will dry out in the process.

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